Monday, November 8, 2010

Trauma update

Ok, I wanted to give a rundown of what I managed to get done today. Think I may be getting sick so I didnt get as much done as I had wanted. Anyway, lets get into it.

I decided the head of the mace itself is about 3"x6"x3". I set to cutting it out of expanded polystyrene with a sharp knife. Cutting foam neatly requires either a foam cutter (hot wire) or a very sharp knife. I ended up missing about 1/2" on the inside, so I cut strips of foamcore to size. I then set to gluing the whole thing together. I then pinned it together using regular sewing needles and set it to dry with a weight on top.

I had hoped to get more done today but I have to wait for the glue until later. I probably will try to get more done tomorrow. Also I plan to start uploading sketches to show the process of how I visualize a piece.

The next step on this piece will be to put a facing of foamcore over the faces of the mace to accomplish 2 things: to give it a bit more bulk, and to cover any lines from the foam. Expanded styrene is so nice to work with, but this shortcut has some practical applications. I can sink a hole into the styrene and mount the battery and needed electronics in it out of sight of someone looking at the piece.

Edit: (8:35pm)
Attached the facts and sunk the battery compartment into the foam. It will be hidden under the cap of the mace. I still need to get ref pics and some sketches scanned. I hope to get a reference collage together tonight at least.

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