Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shield and Shoulder Progress

Ended up scrapping the first draft of the shoulder.  Im not experienced enough with expanding foam to make anything that doesnt look awful.  Instead we have this posterboard tape together thing.  I am definitely on the right track with this, just need to make it a bit bigger and get the rifts in the central lobe open.  I think I am going to try wonderflex for this piece when I am satisfied with the mock up.  It is currently too small and flimsy with little to no detail.  The "ribbon" will be added later most likely out of a seperate piece of wonderflex wrapped around like cloth.

I sat this on a wig head to get it out of the way and ended up with what you see here... Looks a bit like the helm, no?  The helm is still FAR down my priorities list but I at least have a spot to start from.

(also pictured RumKitty's clanrat casualties left over from our inagural Island of Blood game.  When I get a few more games under my belt Ill post some opinions on it.  Im relitively sure cosplay readers arent going to care about warhammer but I want to get started painting again.  In short: What the hell was GW thinking putting a 410+ beast of a general in a starter?  It pretty much soloed RK's army.)

Left is the shield.  Im pretty happy with how its turning out.  it is 3 layers of foamcore (one .5" and two .25") glued together, wrapped in masking tape, paper mache, and finally a few layers of gesso.  I need to add the "web" details, and plan to make them of sculpey and glue them on seperately.  That will give me some freedom to sand and sculpt them.  I also picked up about $30 in electronics including: two super bright red led, switch box, and battery pack.  I plan to sculpt the skull and mount it slightly raised so when the eyes light up it will cast light from under the skull.  The whole thing will be painted as close as I can get to the original.

I am really happy with the progress I am making on these two pieces.  I am almost stumped on the mace, I have little to no idea what I need to do with it.  In other news my guild dissolved and I picked up new hammer for my paladin and am one achivement short of getting my frost-drake.

Edit: 100 views for my blog (with myself turned off)  If any of you actually read this feel free to leave comments about what you might want to see more of.  Also if you're bored click through some of the ads, I get paid from them and that money is just going to go straight into more costumes.  Thanks for getting me to the 3 digit mark, and for sticking around on the long climb to 1000!

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