Monday, November 8, 2010

Some minor updates and today's schedule

I added a flickr feed over there to the right, also I plan to add tags to ease looking through this thing.

My plans for today (at least as it relates to this blog and my projects) are to head out shopping for some sculpy clay, a pvc tub, some hardware, and possibly some wiring and leds for lighting this mace. The plan for today is to get the base of the mace done. The mace is trauma/lockjaw, the tier 10 healer mace. Below is a reference shot (pic lifted from wowhead).

My idea is to divide the mace into 3 pieces. The base, the haft, and the head. The head is then subdivided into the submace, mace, and skulls sections. The whole piece will be based off a piece of pvc pipe, seeing that I will be able to run wires through it. The base will be sculpted from Sculpy and have a lit resin gem in it. The haft will be wrapped in purple ribbon and have the details built up with clay and paper mache. The submace will again be sculpted. The mace itself will be a foam block covered in foamcore. There will be a little hole cut for the battery and electronics to go, this will be hidden by the top piece which I plan to attach with a screw or something. If I get a scanner together ill upload some sketches to show how I like to visualize things before I set into making them.

When I get my materials together, Ill post a quick rundown of all my tools and materials to give some ideas of what I work with.

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